The husband and wife team of 2jive 2jive
  • They are TALENTED!
  • They are FUNNY!
  • They make you laugh about
              being over 50!
  • They work CHEAP!
  • IS There Anything They Cannot DO!

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    Original Songs from the EP/CD of 2jive

    One of Those days

    A song of thanks for the simple things in life.
    No hurries, no worries, no blues.
    Listen   Lyrics


    I Hear the Couch (Calling Me)

    This song takes a humourous look at
    napping as a way of life.
    Listen   Lyrics


    Thumbs Up!

    Our "Voluntary Simplicity" theme song.
    An ode to the positive outlook.
    Listen   Lyrics

    Call Me a Luddite

    A little rant about modern technology.
    Listen   Lyrics

    All songs written by Marki Nickerson and Larry Ayre.
    If you are interested in purchasing the 2jive EP/CD,   please contact us for more information. FMI about performing or recording any original songs, please write

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