The Bing Jensen Band

This was a wonderful band! Adjectives fail me in describing the impact of my experience with them. We played ninety per cent original material written by, you guessed it, Bing Jensen. Some of our gigs were in Vancouver, but more often we would wander (I use that verb advisedly) through the Slocan Valley; then to Banff and on our way to 'the promise land'..... Alberta. On these treks we had mucho fun and blew up a couple of buses. Only one actually but it was a big one!
We called Helen "Mr.Sister." (She shouldn't be too hard to identify in the photo.) She managed the band with an energy which was formidable and admirable. World conquest was definitely the goal; but unfortunately we never managed to locate that big backer (Mr. Sugar Daddy) whose wads of cash would propel us to the top. The recession of the time might have had something to do with it...... I cudda been a contenda.....Ah well, we enjoyed it while it lasted.
The green garbage bag backdrop definitely adds mood to this picture, but I don't think it contrasts enough with my brylcreem re-inforced haido. I don't know how we got that wrong. First things first!
Bing and Helen still work together in The Euphorics. The eponymous (look it up) video on their home page is beautiful. Check it out!

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