The Fabulous Overtones

One of my first bands, formed (not by me) while I was attending the Jazz program at York University in Toronto. The 'Overtones' gave us jazzers the chance to play R&B and to go slumming; i.e. actually get paid for playing music - (not a lot but actual money, occasionally even of the folding variety.) The guy in white was the leader; he was a dishwasher with a fantastic record collection, and a unique ability to sing each song in the same key that it was originally recorded in, even when the band had decided to change (transpose) that key. This made for some 'interesting' performances and 'challenged' the listeners.
The warehouse shot with the hanging neon light fixture brings back memories; the first of many (shall we say) "found" settings that tell a story of their own; no dough for a studio shot. It was taken outside our reheasal space, which was actually the sax player's (shades far right) 'loft'. I'm the guy with the skinny tie in the middle. The pianist (far left) definitely had the coolest jacket. It was blue.
The cracked letraset typeface for the band name is also a nice touch, not to mention the 'kiss'.

P.S: While searching out info on former band members I discovered that the pianist, whose name was Ron Wiseman, has produced several CDs of Jewish Reggae; "A Jerusalem/Jamaica fusion."
( Who'd a thunk it?)


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