Ronnie Gee Show

This is NOT what I looked like in 1979! In fact this is not me; it's a guy I worked for while trying to get more experience... life on 'the road' in Thunder Bay. I learned some very interesting lessons:
1. Never tell your sideman "you haven't lived till you've played Vegas" after you've just hired him to do a house gig in Thunder Bay.(Fort William actually, but I digress.)
2. Never complain about TV hosts in your promo. And last but not least...
3. Hair is important... but it's not that important! Ronnie had a thing about his hairdo (which I would describe as 'the football helmet'.) I know that hair is important, but he took it waaaay too seriously; the man was a walking hairspray testamonial. One of his favorite bands was Johhny Green and the Green Men. Imagine a lot of football helmet hairdos dyed green. And The Pink Ladies.... pink hair domes gleaming under the lights! I'm not making this up. After 15 weeks I went back to Toronto; older and....wiser?

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