Thumbs Up! 2jive

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs up! I tell you life is good
Relax! You know that you should
Thumbs up! And it ainít no bull
That glass in your hand why itís really half full

Thumbs up! Why donít you take it slow
Relax! Itís the best way to go
Thumbs up! Why do you work so hard
The grass is greenest in your own back yard

Think of what you really need
Then think of all youíve got
You got friends, you got food,
You got a warm place to sleep
And you know thatís really quite a lot

Thumbs up! Look on the sunny side
Relax! Send your cares for a ride
Thumbs up! Take a tip from me
Right here right now is where you wanna be

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